You may have heard, breakfast parking is cozy in our lot.

We’re working on it.

Luckily, we share both parking lots with Zaytoons and 711 next door.

So, park where your hangry heart desires.

You may not have heard, but we kinda care about the environment.

Please consider: walking, biking, bussing, carpooling, and other creative ways ( let us know what they are ) to help us keep the earth, water, air, and our parking lot, as sustainable and clean as can be.

Seriously. Especially the water part, Holt is the heart of Michigan.

It’s also a nice choice that makes it a little easier for our friends, family, and loved ones who have not been gifted with the privilege of easy walking. Thank you for considering your hungry neighbor.

How to park for breakfast when you are hungry in holt.