Happy Friday the 13th 😷

friday the 13th jason mask eggs

Update: Still closed, please wash your hands.

If you are sick of the toilet paper craze and need a high-class cleaning solution for your ass, look no further than our favorite Biobidet Bliss, it keeps us fresh and NOT sticky.

On more of a budget? Don’t worry, you can still enjoy the benefits of being sanitary with our other favorite brand of bidet: The Luxe Neo Bidet.

📰 The psychology behind why toilet paper, of all things, is the latest coronavirus panic buy

Bio Bidet Bliss

But wait, there’s more

Still not into the idea of a bidet yet? It can be a little new to experience. If you’re not ready to take that squirting step yet, no worries, you can still order more toilet paper and hand sanitizer right to your door from the comfort of your own quarantine.




Still want more natural?

What about fun? We get it, we make stuff, we’re crafty. Hey, you’re also going to need some fun activities if you are self-isolating and to distract yourself from the panicked news media and crazy shoppers at Meijer and Walmart.

So why not learn how to make soap from scratch?

Just don’t forget to order soap making supplies.

We were thinking about making little mini waffle soaps!

mini silicone waffle molds for making soap and hard candy

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